Research of new influences of COVID-19 pandemic at solid municipal waste formation


The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the world and everyday way of our lives. It was not only our health that the virus has struck but industries, consumer services, patterns of consumption as well. The responsibles for waste management have experienced extra hardships too.

The research has involved experts from NGOs “Zero waste Lviv”, “Ekoltava”, research agency “Fama” and international association “Zero Waste Europe”. The conduction of research and formation of guidelines became possible thanks to the support of international fund “Vidrodzhennya” and Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.

The conduction of research embraced three phases:

  • Collection of primary information in four cities and towns (Lviv, Truskavets’, Poltava and Myrhorod) and learning the international experience (materials and cases of Zero Waste Europе).

  • The analysis of solid municipal waste morphological structure in two condominiums, 34 in-depth interviews (with the representatives from authorities, companies that remove solid municipal waste, owners of recycling points, public catering and retail trade), content analysis of newsfeeds and analysis of records from commissions on ecological safety and emergencies in selected cities and towns, analysis of orders issued by the Ministry of health.

  • Pointing out the outcomes and formation of report, guidelines for public catering, salons, hairdressers’ and barber shops, retail trade, units of local self-government.