The center of Poltava region sustainable development


«The center of Poltava region sustainable development» – is a compound project aimed for developing and implementing energy saving technologies and energy sources within Poltava region. It includes:

  • Creating local board of experts dealing with energy effeciency, energy audit, recycling of wastes, fundrising so that it would be possible to consult with them;
  • Creating a demo ‘’green’’ office room for showing renewable energy sources and energy effective appliances. Besides, there would also be possible to demonstrate how to sort wastes properly in urban and suburban conditions, etc.

There are also some events planned within the project:

  • Training for condominiums heads in Poltava region about energy effeciency, renewable energy sources, wastes recycling;
  • Publishing econews digest for condominiums in Poltava;
  • Constructing a demonstrational solar power mini-plant for holding open-air events in Poltava and Poltava region;
  • Publishing and distributing information about renewable energy sources, energy efficient measures in state institutions, etc..
  • press tours within the region to show successful implementing of energy saving, renewable energy sources, solid wastes handling, organic farming, etc.

The project is financed by international grant program LINK Ukraine owned by Regional Enviroment Center (Hungary), supported by Ministry of Climate and Environment, Norway.