Ekoltava is an independent association of experts and ecological activists founded in 2013. We have our center in Poltava, yet we operate within Ukraine. We help to form communities which sort and recycle garbage and use energy rationally.


We want

"Green activism" to become a trend

Litter to be sorted and recycled

Renewable and accessible energy, reasonably consumed

Громадська організація “Суспільний проект “ЕКОЛТАВА” у рамках своїх стратегічних напрямків надає консультаційну, інформаційну та експертну підтримку для муніципального сектору, громадських організацій регіону, комерційних структур та ініціатив у впровадженні локальних та регіональних проектів з енергозбереження, роздільного збору відходів, використання відновлюваних джерел енергії
Ми завжди з вами на зв’язку: office@ekoltava.org 099 92 99 794


We are running active civil work to improve ecology and environment. Check out for major projects we participate in and those we have launched by our own

  • The center of Poltava region sustainable development

    «The center of Poltava region sustainable development» – is a compound project aimed for developing and implementing energy saving technologies and energy sources within Poltava region. It includes: Creating local board of experts dealing with energy effeciency, energy audit, recycling of wastes, fundrising so that it would be possible to consult with them; Creating a demo ‘’green’’...


    CLEEN (Civil society Local Energy Effeciency Network) – a project dealing with creation and development of partnership network among civil organizations from Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine together with increasing their potential in energy effeciency. The project is plotted for three years and financed by the European Union. Within this project The Consulting Center of Energy...

  • LEAPs

    LEAPs (Local Plans on Environment and Energy) – a project launched by international ecological civil organization Regional Environmental Center (REC). In Ukraine it runs in Poltava, Cherkasy and Ivano-Frankivs’k. Its first phase was quizzing citizens of Poltava and adjacent suburbs about state of environment, held in spring. It embraced 2400 respondents; after the results processed three...

our team
Julia Pashkovska Head of Board, an expert on involving the publicity
Maxim Makukha An expert on solid wastes management and energy efficiency
Margaryta Mostova Менеджерка з комунікацій
Maryna Tsyhryk Content manager, coordinator of volunteers
Nadiya Hroza Grant manager
Natalia Roma Accountant
Mykola Riabyka Project manager
contact us

Should you have questions or comments on our activity or cooperating proposals, feel brave to e-mail to us or call. We are always ready for reciprocal communication

  • Cleen
  • REC
  • Citylab
  • УМКА
  • Екоклуб
  • ГО "Товариство охорони природи м. Кременчука"
  • НЕЦУ-Полтава
  • УКМ
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