CLEEN (Civil society Local Energy Effeciency Network) – a project dealing with creation and development of partnership network among civil organizations from Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine together with increasing their potential in energy effeciency. The project is plotted for three years and financed by the European Union. Within this project The Consulting Center of Energy Saving was organized in Poltava in 2015, giving free advices on:  Technical solutions for energy saving;  Adopted programs supporting energy saving measures;  Approved solutions with renewable energy sources;  How to get a ‘’green fee’’;  How to save money saving energy. In 2016 an informative mini-trip was taken together with Kremenchuk Environment Protection Association. There we showed how renewable energy works and spread information on energy effeciency in six localities of Poltava region: Hrebinka, Berezova Rudka, Velyki Sorochyntsi, Novi Sanzhary, Dykan’ka, Poltava. Moreover, from time to time we hold press-meetings to inform citizens of Poltava about energy saving, using renewable energy sources and minimizing bills for communal services.