An all-town contest for salvage collection was held during March, 20th – April, 29th among Poltava schools. This contest is a part of «ChystoTak! » project, aimed to teach pupils treat wastes properly. The contest organized by CSO «EKOLTAVA», open civil platform «New Poltava» and became real thanks to contribution of Education Board of Poltava city council executive committee.


Twelwe participants have sorted waste paper and PET-bottles from March, 20th – April, 21th. It resulted in 3984 kg of waste paper and 340,5 kg of PET-bottles, 4324,5 kg total. All this stuff will be recycled in Dnipropetrovs’k and Kharkiv regions. Thus, schoolchildren saved around forty trees from being taken down – a small park! Also they earned some extra money for their schools – 10500 UAH total.

Concerning the distribution of wastes collected. Waste paper leader – school #17, 1060 kg, school #35 is PET-leader – 81 кг. Yet, despite all, school #35 became the absolute favourite: 104 pupils have collected 585 kg of salvage(504 kg waste paper and 81 kg PET-bottles). That is, around 5.6 kg per pupil, while number two has two-three times lower results(see details in the table below).

Total school rating «ChystoTak!» (April 2017)

Position Educational institution Waste paper (kg) PET-bottles (kg) Number of pupils Index
1 School #35, І-ІІ dg. 504 81 104 5,6
2 School #8 l-ІІІ dg. named after Panas Myrnyj 496 44 264 2
2 School #24 І-ІІІ dg. 870 28,5 446 2
3 School #15 І-ІІ dg. 146 5,5 136 1,1
4 Gymnasium #17 1060 40 1141 0,9
5 School #20 І-ІІІ dg. 283 26 458 0,6
6 School #11 І-ІІІ dg. 390 20 807 0,5
7 School #12 І-ІІІ dg. 40 2,5 241 0,1
7 Gymnasium “Zdorovya” #14 125 7 746 0,1
7 School #25 І-ІІІ dg. 70 12 445 0,1
8 Complex school #16 60 694 0,08
9 School #9 І-ІІІ dg. 14 900 0,0

It is peculiar that school #35 is an ultimate winner: previous contest phase in September, 2016 was also triumphal for it. Pupils collected 543 kg of waste paper and 65 kg of plastic(total index 5,7) and won a prize, a projector with screen, granted by the Institute of City Development. This year, during the ecological festival “PureFest”Sady” the winners were awarded with 30000 UAH certificate to install sorting tanks in their school. The certificate was presented from OCP “New Poltava”. In the future CSO “EKOLTAVA” would hold a number of educational interactive lectures on waste sorting. This will help pupils and teachers to sort salvage perfectly and be an example for the rest of educational institutions in Poltava at least.


Also thanks to common efforts of organizations and volunteers sixteen interactive lectures were held within the project “ChystoTak!” for middle-aged pupils. The aim was to make wastes sorting more popular. Most teachers are interested in such lectures, so that they even asked for the applied materials to hold the lectures for the rest of pupils by their own already.


The word about the contest. A decline in participation can be noticed while comparing the results from September, 2016 to April, 2017(24 schools in September, 12 out of 40 in April). Yet the positive tendency is here too: almost all the schools in Poltava sort wastes. During the contest period schools have refused to take part mostly because they’ve already taken their wastes to recycling points. Though how queer may it sound, new generation is conscious one and it will solve global problems making small steps.

 «ChystoTak!» project coordinator Mykola Riabyka