CSO “EKOLTAVA” together with CSO “Open civil platform ”New Poltava” announces a new phase of salvage collection in schools «ChystoTak!». The school, which collects the most(by weight and according to number of pupils) is granted a winner.

During March, 20th to April, 21th we prolong the city contest “ChystoTak!”. The results of previous phase are set out in this article. We are also about to held a series of lectures within the project. We’ll speak about the harm from mixed wastes and how to avoid this by sorting wastes.

Applications submitted from March, 20th till March, 29th in electronic way(see the file below): e-mail on greencity.poltava@gmail.com with topic name “ChystoTak!”. Schools applied after the above-stated period won’t be registered.

Later, from March, 20th till April, 21th schools collect salvage, that is, PET-bottles(polyethylene bottles, except for non-transparent white bottles) and waste paper (except for egg containers and Tetra Pak packagings). During April, 24th – April, 26th the collected stuff will be taken out (with weighting here and now). On the April, 29th, on “PureFest”Sady” all the participants will receive certificates, the winner granted. The winner is defined through index: total amount of wastes collected (PET-bottles + waste paper) is divided by total number of pupils in school; the school with the highest index wins. The prize is tanks for sorting salvage.

Contest sequence:

March, 29th – deadline for applications;
March, 20th – April, 21 – salvage collection;
April, 24th – April, 26th – removing wastes;
April, 29th – granting the winner/handing the certificates in.

Ask the coordinators for details:

(066) 239-76-98 – Mykola;
(095) 122-96-44, (068) 159-84-43 Yulia