The tendency for energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources becomes enormously stronger, in big megacities and small towns and villages within Ukraine as well.

How about Poltava region?

During year 2017  CSO “EKOLTAVA” members acting within the project “LINK: Poltava region sustainable development center”, visit several districts of Poltava region to see on their own successful projects, ideas and outsets concerning energy saving, reasonable usage of resources and practical implement of sustainable development.

Anyone can join us to observe this experience via mass media, that is why we grabbed some journalists and camera stuff and started our first informational press tour.

On March, 24th, EKOLTAVA and regional media visited four points in Chutove and Karlivka districts.


The enterprise which produces chips in Karlivka

The first check point of our press tour was Karlivka where there is an enterprise which produces chips – small particles of wasted wood used as biological fuel for solid fuel heaters. The production started recently, yet it progresses swiftly.


The owner, Emil Filmanov, assures that even big factories and local hospital buy these chips, since they have solid fuel heaters. It is also bought by common people.

The enterprise cuts down useless and old trees in green zones and bothsides the highways within Karlivka and Mashivka districts. This is the main raw material for chips production.

Everyday output is 15-20 cubic metres of chips. Its ability to generate heat varies depending on humidity and kind of wood. Commonly, a cubic meter of chips equals to 200 cubic metres of natural gas.


The kindergarden with solar boilers

The kindergarden “Cheburashka” in Chutove district is a positive example of using alternative energy in state institutions of Poltava region. Its our next checkpoint.


After the solar collectors and panels had been installed hot water is available through all the year round. This autonomous solar system heats 500 litres to 55 Celsius per day maximum. When its efficiency decreases, traditional and electrical heating enter the game.


Solar collectors help to save 50-60% yearly expenses for heating water. Installing autonomous solar power stations was supported by DPUN Fund(Development programs of the United Nations) and the European Union. The kindergarten received also organizational and financial support from Artemivs’k village board and community of village Kokhanivka.

The farm with organic vegets&fruits and California worms

EKOLTAVA and media guys were hospitably met in village Kozache. Here lives a family who has its own organic farm. Its main principle lies in enclosed circulation of resources. Oleksandr Kvitchatov grows soya and corn with no pest killers.


He uses worm farming for over five years, that is producing humus by recycling organic wastes with special worms. This is exactly the organic mineral complex for plants which allows high crops.


So, this is what it was – EKOLTAVA’s first informational press tour. We think it fully represents the direction Ukrainians have taken. We’ve chosen the course for energy saving and ready to go! Even dwellers in small and thinly populated villages prefer solar solutions when installing new street lanterns. We saw that with our own eyes! Thus, the chances for green energy technologies grow high even here – a good reason to be in high spirits!