“The most outstanding and effective projects became real due to common efforts of civil activists” – Yulia Mel’nyk, Head of Board CSO “EKOLTAVA”

For three days civil activists from Poltava region and neighboring regions have elaborated the ideas for cooperation and learned how to gain finances to bring it to life.

On July, 27th – 29th, 2017 in Ukrainian pottery capital – urban village Opishnya, Poltava region, an educational training was taking place named “Steps to better activism”.

30 public figures and activists from Poltava regions and adjacent areas have deepened their knowledge concerning fundraising and project managing.

CSOs “EKOLTAVA”, “Nature Protection Association of Kremenchuk” together with National Ecological Centre of Ukraine(NECU) within CLEEN: Створення коаліцій на місцях and LINK: Місцеві Ініціативи для Сталої України projects have furthered educating of partner organizations to strengthen common competence in social projects, involving inner and abroad finances for making them possible.

The event was visited by CSO representatives from Poltava, Dykan’ka, Kyjiv, Sumy, Mykolajiv, Cherkasy region, Uzhhorod, Kam’yans’ke, Kryvyj Rih and Fastiv.

Ukrainian Climate Network(UCN) members were the presenters.

Camp trainers were Yulia Mel’nyk (CSO “EKOLTAVA”), Oleh Hapon (NECU – Poltava) and Andriy Martynyuk (CSO “Ecoclub”). They spoke to involve more members to UCN and maintain partnership of interregional level.

Andriy have shared his experience of cooperation with big abroad donors, key points to constitute really competitive project plans and elaborating viable projects.

CSO “EKOLTAVA” have presented its completed project on sorting salvage in schools “ChystoTak!” and invited all Poltava regional organizations to join helping with its fulfillment.

From among the ideas distinguished by the participants as worth donor’s attention were the following: developing informal ecological education in schools, overcoming unemployment within rural areas, creating civil domains and a lot more enlightening events in addition.

“EKOLTAVA” feels sincerely grateful for all camp participants, for their active part in rich agenda and perspective propositions good for cooperation. Our team is always glad to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you. We frankly hope for further strong and productive friendship.

In the name of all parties we give thanks to the trainer – Head of Board CSO “Ecoclub” Andriy Martynyuk for his time, important data and motivation for further growth.

The organizers thank partners of the event: the subdivision of National Scout Organization – “Plast – Poltava” for resources and green estate “Staryj Khutir” for ethnic surrounding and cozy greeting.

Public relations manager, CSO “EKOLTAVA”,
Marharyta Mostova