Poltava region joins the all-Ukrainian tour «Energy independence – a common deal of ours». Within the scope of this tour CSO “EKOLTAVA” together with CSO “Nature protection in Kremenchuk” will go to four towns in the region: Kremenchuk (May, 20), Poltava (May, 21), Kam’yans’ke (May, 27), Lubny (May, 31), to show and tell closely how to gain energy independence in your own house, how to make sun work for you and how to counteract climate change.


In every towned listed above activists would display informational exhibition including solar boards and solar collector. Every visitor would be able to hear useful advices on everyday life energy saving, winterizing the house, to learn about updated procedures of financing energy efficiency measures, potentials for condominiums together with demonstration of how renewable energy appliances work: recharge a gadget or watch short eco-movies using the power of sun.

The chief goal is to make clear the following point for every Ukrainian: energy saving and energy efficiency is the only way of development to follow in next twenty years which would enable economical growth, employment rise and at the same time makes possible fulfilling international climate commitments and providing comfortable standards of living.

We also aim to give examples of simple actions which would result in the best(ultimate) effect regarding energy consumption in a separate household or apartment; we will inform on precise examples of adjustment to climate changes either.


Informational tour “Energy independence – a common deal of ours” will run simultaneously in six Ukrainian cities: Kherson (May, 22), Mykolayiv (May, 23), Odesa (May, 25), Chernivtsi (May, 28), Ivano-Frankivs’k (May, 29), Uzhhorod (May, 31). The organizers of all-Ukrainian tour are CSO «Ekoklub» together with National ecological centre of Ukraine.

The coordinators in Poltava region and Kam’yans’ke are a number of civil ecological organizations – CSO “EKOLTAVA”, CSO “Nature protection of Kremenchuk” and CSO “Holos Pryrody”.

The tour is carried out within the scope of the project “Poltava region sustainable development centre” and supported by Ukrainian Climate Network and international grant programs LINK of Regional Ecological Centre and CLEEN.