On March, 10th, CSO “EKOLTAVA” had an occasion to see the local example of implementing energy saving technologies in business – a profit company in Poltava have completely refused to consume traditional electricity for street lights. It illuminates its territory with autonomous solar board lanterns and supplies the staff with electric power motor cars, its batteries charged from sun rays.

Energy service companies help organizations and individuals to implement energy saving. They gradually emerge in Ukrainian market and propose the full list of services – starting from planning and ending with bringing into operation.

We grabbed a piece of interview with a chief of such a company operating in Poltava.

Full-functioning exhibition hall of appliances using renewable energy is soon to come to Poltava. Among the rest  –  LED-lanterns for street lighting, solar boards and converters of different output, battery tanks and solar collectors for water heating.

As our respondent says, renewable energy sources become more and more demanded in business segment, since there is a “green fee” actually legal in the country. It allows the owners of solar stations to sell unused generated energy to the state at special prices. It helps to shorten the recoupment time of implementing the station. An enterpreneur from Poltava assures us this is real. He uses energy saving appliances in his business for a season already. The main thing is to know pecularities of their operation. Maximum productivity results not only from constant exposure to sun rays, but also from the temperature of equipment itself.

One should say that the station is top productive not in the summer, but rather in October, since the battery should not be overheated to reach its best.

Artem Virchenko, energy service company chief, notes that substantial saving depends on exploiting conditions. When comparing oil-electrical engine and solar station one should admit that the latter is expensive to buy, yet cheap in functioning.

The customers of energy saving companies are not business facilities only. They are also state institutions and mere citizens.

What about the world tendencies, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany have the most evoluted energy saving technologies. Neighbouring Poland have implemented autonomous lighting of pedestrian and railroad crossings from solar boards.

“EKOLTAVA” promotes energy saving and renewable energy sources in Poltava region for three years in a row. It’s the key theme in terms of traditional fuel sources depletion in the world and in Ukraine in particular. Energy saving is necessary in everyday life as well as in business – mass production, that is. The representatives of business branch should stop for a while and adopt the abridgement of energy consumption – expensive energy consumption! – together with promotion of green energy sector.

Ukraine is in for a long road, twenty years perhaps, to reach the world level of renewable energy using. This is how much time our country needs to take in new values, guidelines and approach energy saving”, — Yulia Mel’nyk, Head of Board CSO EKOLTAVA, resumes.

Marharyta Mostova,
public relations manager, CSO «EKOLTAVA»