ChystoTak – is a movement for implementing separated litter collection in Poltava and Poltava region. The ultimate goal is organizing and secure functioning of separate solid municipal waste collection system similar to that in first-world coutries, with as high recycling percentage as possible.

Through the project we try to influence positively the trash question and we already have some

  • We fruitfully cooperate with district administration in Novi Sanzhary, which steadily progresses in solving the urgent question with peaceful means and shows the best results within Poltava region;
  • We alter the thinking of youth by organizing waste collecting in Poltava and Poltava region schools. There were two such collectings in 2016: a fortnight collecting embracing 24 schools(10,5 tons of wastepaper and PET) and another one among seven schools in Novi Sanzhary region(1,5 tons of PET).

  • Almost all of participant schools keep collecting wastes till nowadays.
  • We organize bright street actions for promoting separate waste collection and sorting;

  • We have designed and constantly update an interactive map of points collecting wastes in Poltava for recycling. The map informs at what exactly point one can drop paper, batteries,ьglass, glass and PET bottles, PET-tape, aluminium cans and other. This map is only the first step towards organizing a separate waste collection.

Project coordinator – Mykola Riabyka | 066-239- 76-98 | |