“Batteries, surrender!” – the all-Ukrainian volunteer movement for collecting wasted batteries. Why? Mere batteries are a great danger since they contain toxic materials. As batteries degrade, deadly stuff moves into ground and water. One AA-battery may pollute 400 litres of water or 20 sq. m. of ground!

Poltava joined the movement in October, 2014. The coordinator in Poltava is Serhij Antonenko. There are 70 points in Poltava, in educational and civil institutions, shops, blocks of flats, etc. – a complete register is on the map: http://batareiky.in.ua/.  Ecoltava had held a number of lectures at Poltava schools as a part of the movement.

Schoolchildren try to pay adults’ attention to the issue, as they are aware of its urgency. Wanna join? Get yourself a container(a box, 5-litre PET or anything), contact us – we’ll get you a poster and a sticker, include into the register and tag the position on the map.

There is an interactive map for Poltava, waste salvaging points tagged together with points of ollecting used batteries.